Marco Sagnelli

Marco M. Sagnelli, born in 1967, founded Sagnelli Associati. He graduated in Milan on 1990.

The Sagnelli and Associates studio practices architecture, urban planning and designsince 1990.
The design activityis focused on how an organic discourse can relateto an expressionist one, withthe desire of achieving a coherent language throughout the projects regardless of their function.

All of this, considering beforehand the context inwhich we operateand the managementof the many professional abilities -inside and outside of the studio- that are necessary in order to create and execute the projects successfully, putting an emphasis on the dedication to the building site.

To our clients, public and private, we facilitate a full range of professional services in order to cover the entire life-cycle of the project with the goal to harmonize the creative aspects and design with the administrative, legal, economic and technical requirements (buildings, structures, facilities), respecting the associated calendars.