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Cascina Siolo residential recovery plan / Garbagnate Milanese (Milan)

Stato Approved

Anno 2011

Cliente Gife srl

Design Sagnelli Associati

The project consisted of the renovation of a farmhouse located inside the Groane Park, in Garbagnate Milanese and included the out-of-shape renovation of part of the buildings on the north side of the open courtyard for residential purposes and the recovery of attics for residential purposes to the south..

The intervention also included a newly built garage and external redevelopment and completion works.

On the open side of the courtyard (west), a green area was planned to be inserted, as an entrance filter to the farmhouse, and from which the insertion of a driveway connecting to the ancient square of the wash house was planned. On the east side of the courtyard, the demolition of the building was planned in place of which a green wall was erected consisting of a wisteria pergola.

The two slats of houses were therefore placed between two green brackets, an opening and a closure that emphasize the importance of the vegetation within the park belt.