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House of arts and culture / Beirut

Stato Concept

Anno 2009

Cliente House of art and culture

Design Sagnelli Associati

The project is oriented towards an architecture of exchange and interaction; not conformist nor monumental. We approached with great interest the development of the design theme, in the awareness that the idea of ​​creating an innovative incubator for the arts and culture (MAC - Lebanon-Omanese Center) constitutes a particularly complex solicitation, both for the contents, both for the necessary comparison with an urban context, in continuous evolution.

Here are some guiding concepts that formed the reference framework for the design:

- architecture relating to the context, understood both in the proper and restricted sense - the urban environment - and in a broader sense as a social, historical system etc.;

- visibility and accessibility, determined by a clear, unambiguous and easy to use planimetric system;

- pay attention to the scale of the intervention;

- acute and voltage drops for the purpose of developing an identified and recognizable architecture, representative of the city;

- subtle interlocking play expressed in the articulation of the plants;

- horizontality-verticality antinomy.