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Mother Chapel of Mercy / Milan

Stato Built

Anno 2005

Cliente Municipality of Milan

Design Sagnelli Associati

The new Chapel is part of one of the largest complexes of retirement homes for the elderly in Milan. It is essentially dedicated to the elderly in these retirement homes, who, being most of them in wheelchairs, need adequate space inside the Chapel. There is also the presence of comfortable toilets directly connected to the main room; underground spaces and connections with retirement homes complete the construction program of the work.

It is a building that was designed with natural materials such as exposed concrete and corten steel. The project layout historicizes the canonical ecclesial structure formed by the Church, the Rectory and the Bell Tower; in our case, therefore, the Church is precisely the Chapel, the Rectory is the area with the evaporative towers suitably adapted with covering and vertical casings and the Bell Tower are the chimney stacks of the boiler at the top of which acoustic speakers have been positioned to spread the sound of the bells.