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Redevelopment of public gardens / Burago Molgora (Monza and Brianza)

Stato Built

Anno 2002

Cliente Municipality of Burago Molgora

Design Sagnelli Associati

The project has set itself the goal of providing a spatial organization capable of accommodating, as well as a green space, places for social activities, sports and leisure, through a light intervention and oriented towards maintaining the existing characteristics of the place.

In this sense, the general orientation is aimed at achieving, in addition to the quality of the complex, a more general urban quality, understood as the interaction of different factors: landscape, use of spaces, relationship between activities and people.

The new urban design included:

- new directions of direction that divide the spaces in order to allow natural access to the different parts of the garden (emergency vehicles, etc.) and to enhance and articulate the collective spaces;

- increase in socio-recreational destinations with the introduction of specific areas equipped with leisure equipment (children's play area, sports field, area for social activities with the installation of any temporary structures);

- arrangement of the green area through the maintenance and enhancement of existing plantations, the introduction of new species conceived in harmony with the existing vegetation and distributed in such a way as to immediately provide the idea of ​​a natural plant environment.