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Residential buildings in an ancient village / Milano Chiaravalle (Milan)

Stato Built

Anno 2012

Cliente Immobiliare Alinova srl

Design Sagnelli Associati

The layout of the new residential buildings inserted in the main square of the ancient village of Milan Chiaravalle takes the opportunity to relate to a historical context of great importance, trying to respect the urban and landscape hierarchy certainly dictated mainly by the Abbey of Chiaravalle. The line building houses residences, while the "L" -shaped building connected to a greenhouse houses a prestigious boutique hotel with restaurant.

Compositionally, the project is inserted using local materials (exposed brick, plaster, etc.), but using them in a contemporary key; the ground floor takes on a compositional value of permeable reading, with which to emphasize the importance of flows at the level of the public-private ground floor in ancient villages.