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Residential urban plan / Pogliano Milanese (Milan)

Stato Approved

Anno 2007

Cliente Physical person

Design Sagnelli Associati

This residential urban plan was born from attention to the urban scale and insertion in the context of the intervention; the area in question is located on the edge of the consolidated building, of the historic center, along one of the main entrance routes to Pogliano, which flows into the town hall square. A place, therefore, to be considered for its non-neutral location, with peculiarities that require conscious choices in the alignments, in the system as well as more strictly compositional and architectural choices.

Furthermore, the lengthened longitudinal conformation of the lot, which is wedged directly on the river bank, has offered not negligible opportunities both from the perceptive point of view and from the point of view of the effective usability of the landscape; in this sense, the proposed plan envisaged the construction of a cycle-pedestrian path to be enslaved for public use in perpetual servitude, connecting poles that are not far away today. The contents of the proposal therefore seek a balanced mediation between the interests of the operator and those of the public administration to increase urban quality and its services to the city.