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Single-family houses with landscape redevelopment / Alassio (Savona)

Stato Built

Anno 2013

Cliente Duemarco srl

Design Sagnelli Associati

On the first Alassian hill, facing the sea and in full sun, a complex of new single-family houses has been built which was the reason for a very complex project, both for the attention to the naturalistic choices in harmony with the context, and for the setting compositional of architectures reminiscent of the agricultural typology of those places. The result was a design solution, against which the stone obtained from the excavations carried out on site, was used for the construction of all the retaining walls of the gardens and all the facades of the 7 houses, including accessory buildings. Gneiss roofs, wooden windows, glass and steel parapets have completed a mix of materials and solutions aimed at fitting into the landscape with lightness and discretion.

Elements that have completed the implementation program, characterizing it with respect to contemporary choices, can be found in the steel and laminated wood sunshades created by freeing the design schemes and in the swimming pools built with soft shapes to accompany the immediately adjoining walls in contact with the ground.