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Urban Planning Study / Sulbiate (Monza and Brianza)

Stato Approved

Anno 2003

Cliente Municipality of Sulbiate

Design Sagnelli Associati

It was drawn up following the General Variation to the PRG and saw particular attention paid to the following topics:

- the cycle / pedestrian bridge was found to be decisive in order to safely connect the entire territory of Sulbiate;

- Piazza Castello was subject to a redevelopment proposal aimed at reducing the problem of parking and increasing public green;

- the redevelopment of via De Amicis was a duty given the nearby school;

- Piazza Giovanni XXIII turned out to be the real center of Sulbiate;

- the area of ​​via Madre Laura has been deepened in order to better relate the public and recreational green with the surrounding structures;

- Piazza Beretta was the last square that deserved an in-depth design study, given the presence of interesting architectures such as the church of San Pietro and the former spinning mill;

- the ring of cycle / pedestrian path about 6 km long, organized in safety and connected with the whole of Sulbiate.