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Holiday residence / Capotesta - Santa Teresa Gallura (Olbia-Tempio)

Stato Built

Anno 2002

Cliente Immobiliare S1 srl

Design Sagnelli Associati

The context in which this new residential building is located is characterized by the landscape between the sea and the coast, the air always in perceived movement and the silence punctuated by the sound of the sea waves.

It is a building that is planivolumetrically respectful of the context and of the local materials and solutions (for example the laying of tiles without a gutter channel). The idea was to incorporate the ferry piers to translate them into substantially habitable terraces clearly oriented towards extraordinary landscapes. The use, on the other hand, of Aisi 316L steel for the parapets and of wood for the sunshades, gives the entire intervention an element of dissonance with respect to local tradition, following which it creates a positive tension to be inserted in the context of a correct reading. of the historical thresholds of the place.

The apartments built are all mini-lodgings with clearly very livable outdoor areas.