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Integral building renovation of a residential building / Cesano Maderno (Monza and Brianza)

Stato Built

Anno 1995

Cliente Immobiliare S1 srl

Design Sagnelli Associati

The existing 20th century building has undergone a total complete renovation, following which 6 apartments were built with a living area on the first floor and a sleeping area on the second floor. The ground floor was instead dedicated to offices and a commercial area with an entrance from the opposite side, in order to safeguard the compositional aspect of the main facade, which blended well with the opposite side, particularly visible from the street.

The intervention is characterized compositionally by the desire to question some typological characteristics of the architecture such as the pilasters and the frames of the pre-existing windows, on which with an anti-classicist spirit has been intervened in some cases in order to reveal the true structural essence of the building characterizing it in a contemporary key.