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Integrated program of productive, tertiary and commercial intervention / Bollate (Milan)

Stato Concept

Anno 2012

Cliente Fassina Immobiliare srl - Placidia real estate srl – Physical person

Design Sagnelli Associati

The urban plan pursued the following purposes:

- the redevelopment of the productive fabric through the typological completion of the urbanized areas and the transformation of an area with a productive vocation, with the possibility of qualifying settlement;

- the construction of new structures was calibrated on specific local demand needs. The enhancement of production activities (commercial and / or tertiary as well as service crafts) to complete the industrial sector, has been able to determine an important increase in the employment offer in the area;

- the environmental recovery of the area subject to reclamation;

- the enhancement of the municipal cycle / pedestrian network perimeter of the sector and in synergy with the works envisaged as part of the "Waterway: Villoresi-Groane-Expo connection" project promoted by the Expo company, which envisaged the construction of a cycle and pedestrian path along the south bank of the Scolmatore canal;

- the reallocation of the ecological platform on an appropriately sized area.