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Residential site / Dervio (Lecco)

Stato Built

Anno 2007

Cliente Immobiliare Alle Vigne srl

Design Sagnelli Associati

The new residential complex is located in a very suggestive context; it is clear that the natural elements are so positively present that they inevitably condition, or rather indicate, the priority design choices.

So the adjacent mountains, the vegetation and even what is more distant (such as the lake of which we are aware of its presence anyway), led to the design of a series of 4 compact buildings without non-essential elements, also without affectations and decorativisms, but formed only by local merials (stone in the first place) with local construction systems.

The complex is characterized by an entrance area in which two curved stone facades confront each other, creating an urban space that acts as a filter towards the more intimate residential dimension.